Secretariat’s Blog: IEST Global Expertise Shines in Brazil

During a week of international contamination control meetings in São Paulo, Brazil, IEST’s contributions led to global policy and communication improvements in conjunction with our role as Secretariat of ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC) 209 and Secretary to the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies (ICCCS).

IEST’s expertise in administering best practices—both in standards development and standards policy—resulted in several “firsts.” ISO/TC 209 had its first-ever combined Strategic Study Group (SSG)/Convenors meeting, which focused on improving communication and effectiveness to lead standards to market more quickly. During the ICCCS meetings, IEST Executive Director and ICCCS Secretary Roberta Burrows presented the first-ever Operating Policy draft document for the ICCCS, which she developed on behalf of IEST to provide a foundation for best practices in ICCCS international operations. IEST and the Korean Air Cleaning Association (KACA) entered into their first International Memorandum of Understanding (IMOU) to provide a pathway to improve communication, interest, and expertise between IEST and the South Korean technical community. During an official signing ceremony, Past President and US Head of Delegation Anne Marie Dixon signed the IMOU on behalf of IEST.

Throughout the week, the IEST Secretariat team provided editorial and administrative support to ISO/TC 209 Working Groups and Convenors to assist them in effectively navigating the international standards process.


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