PRESS RELEASE: New IEST Bookstore: Updated Features and Improved User Experience to Better Serve the Professional Community

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (August 9, 2016) – The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)—a world-leading technical association and standards development organization in the fields of contamination control/cleanrooms, environmental test, product reliability, and nanotechnology facilitiesannounces a new online bookstore with updated features and an improved user experience to better serve the professional community.

IEST leaders are excited about instant download access to PDF documents, fulfilling the association’s strategic, long-term goal to use technology for process improvement. Coordinator Mara Douvris, who oversees the IEST publications program says, “Too often, customers need a vital Standard or Recommended Practice right away. Now they can have access to any IEST Recommended Practice, ISO 14644, or ISO 14698 Standard immediately after purchasing.”

Other new features of IEST’s updated bookstore include: (1) bound print documents quickly shipped from one of the largest book manufacturing facilities in the United States; (2) a document tracking service to keep ISO Standards and IEST Recommended Practices libraries up-to-date; (3) a customer reward program so users can earn valuable points every time they shop online; (4) discounted multi-user electronic document rates and subscription; (5) redline versions that provide a quick view of meaningful changes; (6) historical document versions; and (7) expanded online account management features.

Changes focus on usability and technology advancement, so past users will find the most important aspects of the IEST Standards and Practices program unchanged: IEST Standards and Recommended Practices continue to provide indispensable standardized procedures based upon peer-reviewed applications formulated by experts in IEST Working Groups, and IEST Members still receive generously discounted rates on IEST Bookstore purchases.

Visit the new IEST bookstore at to browse and purchase IEST Recommended Practices on Contamination Control/Cleanroom, Environmental Test, Product Reliability, and Nanotechnology Facility topics; ISO 14644 and 14698 Standards; IEST sponsored conference proceedings; and new IEST documents such as IEST-RP-PR001.2: Management and Technical Guidelines for the Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Process, IEST-RP-NANO205.1: Nanotechnology Safety: Application of Prevention Through Design Principles to Nanotechnology Facilities, and Handbook of Recommended Practices Relating to Air Filtration in Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments.

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Founded in 1953, IEST is an international not-for-profit technical society of engineers, scientists, and educators that serves its members and the industries they represent (simulating, testing, controlling, and teaching the environments of earth and space) through education and the development of recommended practices and standards. IEST is an ANSI-accredited standards-developing organization.


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