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Help someone else develop their legacy


The myth of the lone genius…

You know them. Hard workers who think they can take on the world singlehandedly. But, five, ten, fifteen years later, they are worn out and pitied by their colleagues.

Contrast this with professionals who spend their career collaborating, influencing, and advancing their industry.

As a member of IEST you are the latter…
…you have many years
to develop your legacy
and influence your industry.

But today we are asking you to help someone else—another IEST Member or industry professional—develop their legacy and grow their industry influence.

With that in mind, tell us:

Think for a moment of all the leaders and achievers you have met through IEST, and then take just a moment to nominate one or two:

Click here to nominate a candidate
to serve on the 2016-2017 IEST Executive Board

Click here to recommend a colleague
for an IEST Technical Award

Please take just a few minutes to help us in this way. (Contact with any questions).

As you know, IEST is a not-for-profit professional association focused on world progress through the advancement of knowledge and the creation of world leading standards and best practice documents…

Please “volunteer” just 10 minutes of your time
and help support our cause
(you may not think so, but this simple act
 is critical to our future success):

Nomination Deadlines: December 1, 2015

Note: The Board is seeking nominations for five open positions:

Click here to learn more and send your nominations