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PRESS RELEASE: IEST Podcast Channel Kicks Off with “Elite Expert Interview!” Series


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL (Sept 7, 2015) – The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), adds yet another resource in their mission to share recognized technical expertise by launching a public podcast channel, debuting with Elite Expert Interview! Contamination Control Consultant Jan Eudy. IEST, an ANSI-credentialed and world-leading standards development organization, is presenting recurring podcasts on topics of interest to controlled environment and testing professionals.

Marketing Coordinator, Grant Polachek explains, “Elite experts gather through IEST to teach, collaborate, network, and develop influential Recommended Practices and standards—these actions have improved global processes for more than half a century. The purpose of our Elite Expert Interview! podcast is to share these well-springs of knowledge with the professional communities we serve: cleanrooms, environmental test labs, and nanotechnology facilities. Our IEST Podcast series gives industry professionals a glimpse at the vast world-class knowledge existing within the IEST community without having to spend even one penny.”

In addition to the inaugural interview, a second IEST Podcast series event covers newly released cleanroom compliance revisions: Elite Expert Interview! New ISO 14644-2 FDIS Revision with Morgan Polen. Polen will teach the first course in the US delivering compliance training on the critical revision at IEST Headquarters offices in suburban Chicago on September 23. More details are available online at

The IEST Podcast series is an extension of a larger initiative—IEST Online—which provides free online resources to fulfill IEST’s not-profit mission, “To globally expand and communicate the knowledge of contamination control, nanotechnology facilities, and test and reliability.”

IEST Online consists of a wide range of social media outlets to raise awareness about events and best practices including the IEST Blog, Podcast, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and four LinkedIn Groups. Access to the IEST Online hub is available through the link