Elite Expert Interview! New ISO 14644-2 FDIS Revision with Morgan Polen

Contamination Control Expert Morgan Polen and IEST’s Grant Polachek recently sat down to discuss the new Final Draft 14644 International Cleanroom Standards—which are now available through http://www.iest.org.

After a struggle for consensus that spanned decades, the revisions of the cornerstone standards that classify and provide monitoring specifications for the world’s more than 140,000 cleanrooms are now Final Draft International Standards and could be adopted for global use as early as October 2015.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Who is affected by the 14644-2 revisions?
  • Why is it important that professionals know about these changes and updates?
  • What really stuck out regarding the -2 revision?

Mr. Polen will be at the IEST Training Center on September 23, 2015 teaching the first course in the US delivering training on the critical revisions to ISO 14644-2. Learn more at http://www.iest.org

Learn more about ISO/FDIS 14644-1 and -2 training and the ISO Certificate at the 2015 IEST Fall Conference.


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