ESTECH 2015 Summary

We are thrilled to announce
our largest ESTECH conference in 5 years!

Pictures can be found on our new IEST Online Flickr account–please share.

Click the links below to see what you missed,
Or see if you were featured in one of these great shots


Sixteen professionals were recognized by their peers for their technical achievements and contributions to their industries.

Working Groups

A strong working group attendance allows participants to continue influencing the industry. Together we support world progress.


An impressive line-up of authors and industry experts delivered three days of business- and career- changing content.


Top professionals and industry leaders shared their knowledge in classes full of rapt students ready to bring insight back to their companies. These full-day classes can be paradigm shifting and transformative.


Decision makers and industry leading vendors came together to “get stuff done.”

Downtown Boston Networking

When you really want to make lifelong connections quickly, our networking event is a must. This year attendees enjoyed seafood at the oldest restaurant in America and then strolled the streets of historic Downtown Boston (The rich, two pound, golf ball sized Boston cream puff from Mike’s Pastry was one of the highlights of my evening).

iRobot Tour

This final event was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see inside a truly revolutionary company. But, I can’t tell you much more because of that DND I signed.

To your success,

Grant Polachek | Marketing Coordinator


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